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"It's very hard to find quality soccer tips but the tips from this site are consistently highest quality."



"I use the VIP tips at least twice a month and they have never failed to deliver a big win. You won't find higher quality tips than what this site delivers."

Thomas Morris

United Kingdom

"The tips here are consistent winners. I don't stress about match results now, I trust that my tips are going to be right."

Ignatius Severens


"Lior really knows his soccer, his tips are always 'spot on.' I love that I can expect each tip to be of the highest quality with no drop-offs ever. Keep up the great work, Lior!"

Michelino Colombo


"My English not great but I really wanted to say thanks for tips. I win many bets with your tips and make lot of money."

Hajdu Surány


"Lior does an excellent job with his tips - the win rate is steady and consistent. I also like that the site emails the tips to you, that is very convenient."

Owen Browne

United Kingdom

"Tips offer much quality. I simply open email, place bet and win! These are the best tips."

Amadeusz Walczak


"Now I feel like I have access to the same level of tips that the big bettors enjoy. I won 3700 EUR last week on just one tip!"

Tahvo Muukkonen


"I joined two sites at the same time - this site and another one. After one month, I decided to quit the other site and only use tips from MatchPrediction100Sure because your tips are so much better!"

Marek Čech

Czech Republic

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined MatchPrediction100Sure but I won over 1300 EUR the first week. I won even more the next week and even more the week after that. Needless to say I became quickly convinced of the quality of your tips and now they are all I use."

Josh Wells

United Kingdom

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Lior MoeskopsNetherlands

At a time when the quality of tips available online is declining greatly, I take tremendous pride in continuing to offer only the highest quality match predictions. When you sign up for a plan here, you can count on receiving winning tips in a timely manner.

Our quality soccer tips allow you to grow your bankroll fast without the stress and worry that comes with poorer quality tips.